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Piehl Systems - Software (updated 8/23/2011)

The following programs are available or are under development for onHand and Ruputer:

Chess Chess program
Version 1.3 (Shareware)
Play chess on your onHand PC or have the program play against itself. Provides adjustable skill levels, sliding piece animation, hint request, and rotatable board.
onHand: chess13.ZIP (14K)
Ruputer: chess13r.ZIP (14K)
Zetamath Zetamath spreadsheet
Version 2.0 for onHand / Version 1.6 for Ruputer
Enter data and formulas into your onHand. The program supports formulas and range functions. An XLA add-in is included for conveniently exporting files from your PC. Support for an external keyboard is also provided.
onHand: zmath20.ZIP (37K)
Ruputer: zmath16r.ZIP (35K)
* ZetaMath Plus is also available. Please read payment.txt in the ZIP file.
Omegascape Omegascape web browser
Version 1.6 for onHand and Ruputer
This program can browse web pages offline. There is limited support for HTML tables and links. GIF and JPG graphics are not available at this time.
onHand: omega16.ZIP (22K)
Ruputer: omega16r.ZIP (22K)
WriStudy WriStudy Flash Cards
Version 1.0 Alpha for onHand
This small study aid works like flash cards. The questions will be stored in a tab-delimited text file so you can create your own set of cards. Currently, the statistics do not work and only a US state capitals file is provided as a demo.
onHand: wstdy10a.ZIP (8K)
FSim Wrist Flight Simulator
(Under development)
The first wristwatch flight simulator. This software is designed to simulate flight dynamics, varying weather conditions, and some navigational instruments.
(a beta version is planned for mid-2002)

Screenshots are from the onHand 102 x 64 mono-LCD screen.

Programs available for download on this site are offered free and "as is". Please read the documentation files which accompany the programs. They will be provided in TinyText format (for viewing on Ruputer or onHand). Please include them when re-distributing the programs.